MoJo Sitball Cover


MoJo Sitball Cover & Ball

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Description proudly introduces the MoJo Sitball Cover & Ball!

Allow some movement input and helps a child focus and work! Just turn an exercise ball into a versatile seat. This ingenious design by a therapist also provides tactile input for sensory seekers. The seat itself is made of a soft micro-plush and quilted material. The sewn-in ring at the bottom of MoJo keeps the ball in place. The arms can be tied across the child’s lap to provide firm, calming input. An adorable bracelet on Mojo’s wrist provides fidget opportunities as well as a cue for directionally. Cute, cute, cute! This seat cover can also be used as a hippity-hop to transition in a classroom.

*** Holds 75cm (29-1/2″) ball sold separately. ***


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