Mason Exer-Rider Extra Soft Scooter Board


Mason Exer-Rider Extra Soft Scooter Board

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Description proudly introduces the Mason Exer-Rider Extra Soft Scooter Board. No motors, no batteries, no pedaling! With its patented power drive system, the original Mason Exer-Rider is propelled by simply swinging the handlebars from side to side. The adaptive design features of the Mason Exer-Rider include an upturn on the heavy-duty, tubular steel handlebars. Rubberized grips aid proper hand placement and promote the swinging motion which propels the scooter. The attached steel footplate positions the feet and an adjustable lower extremity strap may be used where needed. An injection-molded seat is strong enough to hold 150 lbs. Durable polyurethane skateboard wheels will not mar hardwood floors. A padded backrest and anti-skid seat cushion aid upper trunk stability. An adjustable waist belt provides pelvic support. These features enhance mobility without blocking rotation or the fun of independent play.


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