Mantra Lingua RecorderPEN (Battery Operated – 1GB)


Mantra Lingua RecorderPEN (Battery Operated – 1GB)

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Description proudly introduces the Mantra Lingua RecorderPEN (Battery Operated – 1GB)!

The sleek RecorderPEN is an impressive and rechargeable communication tool that enhances any classroom resource. Teachers and students use this portable device to instantly record and retrieve audio content when used with the Recordable Labels.

Easy-to-use functionality gives teachers the ability to meet a wide range of individual student needs by allowing them to customize audio instructions, add audio highlights to classroom materials, create audio books, and record, track and assess student progress. Teachers can also offer varied levels of audio support to English Language Learners (ELL) and students with special needs. Students will benefit from creating self-recordings in collaborative learning or individual settings.

Also works with Mantra Lingua kits that feature pre-recorded audio files that play back mulitlingual key phrases, bilingual book narrations, and phonics by simply touching soundspots on these resources.

Operates with 3 ‘AAA’ batteries. 1 GB of memory gives you approximately 70 hours of audio recording. Complete with built-in speakers, it also includes an audio port for headphones or computer speakers. A USB port allows for quick computer back up and downloading of sound files created with theRecorderPEN.

Recorderpen Only – Labels Sold Separately
Enhance communication with children in a variety of languages
Support children’s home language and connect with families
Increase awareness of diverse cultures and world languages.
Mantra Lingua programs help make learning fun for children while assisting teachers and parents to communicate with each other in non-native languages


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