Little Red Riding Hood Game – Deluxe


Can you build the path to Grandma’s house?

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Description proudly offers the Little Red Riding Hood Game by Smart Games!

Find the path to Grandma’s house!

SmartGames Little Red Riding Hood game is an enchanting puzzle game for young children. Can you help Red Riding Hood find Grandma’s house in the forest? Can you out-smart the wolf when he appears?

Play Little Red Riding Hood game by arranging the puzzle pieces on the gameboard so that a direct path is created from Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s house. Then, in the last 24 challenges, players have to create two paths: one for Red Riding Hood, and the other for the Wolf! A great introduction to Spatial Insight, Planning and Problem-Solving skills for kids.

  • Contents:
    • Game board
    • 5 puzzle pieces with roads
    • Little Red Riding Hood & Bad Wolf
    • 3 trees and 1 house
    • Booklet with 48 challenges (24 without the wolf, 24 with the wolf)
    • Bonus picture book with images
  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 11.42 x 2.36 cm (LxWxH)
Game Rules

Step 1LIttle Red Riding Hood Smart Games Rules 1Choose a challenge card.  Place the house, trees, Red Riding Hood and the wolf on the game board as indicated on the card.

Step 2LIttle Red Riding Hood Smart Games Rules 2Create 2 different paths.  One path to connect little red riding hood to the house, the other path to connect the wolf to the house.  As the challenges get more difficult, more puzzle pieces (roads) will be needed.

Step 3LIttle Red Riding Hood Smart Games Rules 3There is only 1 solution.







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