Language Games (Are You In The Doghouse?)


Language Games (Are You In The Doghouse?)

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Description proudly introduces the Language Games (Are You In The Doghouse?)!

What’s so funny? The first two in a series of sophisticated and challenging language based on guessing games, appropriate for a wide range of cognitive levels and populations. Are You In the Doghouse? and What’s Your Wish? will enhance your student’s skills in the areas of language, auditory processing, vocabulary acquisition, descriptive language/elaboration and humor. These versatile games provide a rich linguistic opportunity for your students to practice many skill areas. Players takes turns asking yes/no questions to guess the “secret card” held by their opponent. Easy and more advanced versions of play are included in the instruction manual to help you adapt the game to the cognitive levels of your clients. Perfect for language remediation and social skills groups. Many students find the colorful and amusing cartoon pictures to be highly motivating for practicing written language as well.


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