Jump In Portable Smart Game


Portable Smart Game with Lid

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Autism-Products.com presents Jump In Portable Smart Game!

Help the rabbits jump and hide!

Can you help the rabbits jump to safety? Use other rabbits, mushrooms and even the moving foxes to jump around and hide the rabbits in their holes. A great travel game that features 60 challenges and a portable carrying case.

  • SmartGames are brain teasing fun for the whole family
  • 60 challenges, Easy to Expert
  • Planning, Logic and Problem Solving Skills
  • For Ages 7 to adult
  • Portable game board with lid – perfect for travel

Dimensions: 9.45 x 6.69 x 1.77 cm (LxWxH)

Jump In Portable Smart Game Rules

Step 1

Jump In Portable Smart Game Rules Step 1

Select a challenge card.  Place the rabbits, foxes and mushrooms on the gameboard as indicated on the card.

Step 2

Jump In Portable Smart Game Rules Step 2

The object of the games is to move the rabbits and foxes around the gameboard until all the rabbits are safe in brown holes

Step 3

Jump In Portable Smart Game Rules Step 3

You have found the solution when all the rabbits are inside brown holes.



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