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Chewigem Chubes

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Description presents the Chewigem Chubes!

Want versatility? The Chube is the answer. Each package comes with one
chube strung on a cotton cord and 3 extra chubes of the same color in
the package. You make the design that fits you best. They can be worn
as a necklace with as many on as you like. An additional bonus of this
design is that the chubes can be strung along the pull ties of hoodie
style sweatshirts to give a clever chew experience during cold winter
months. Each chube is approximately 2 inches in length. Due to
the popularity of the hoodie style sweatshirt, these are a fan
favorite. However, many hoodie companies are now making their product
with a flat style pull tie. We have discovered that using 45″- 60″ rope
style, boot laces can replace the flat tie in an instant and work great
with the chubes. These type of laces can be purchased at any major
sporting goods or box store merchant.

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  1. Steve N

    Son likes these better than the Chewlery but that is all preference not the product.

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  2. amber losby

    these are so far working the best outta the ones that we have bought its soft enough that my son still likes it but not to soft so that it falls apart easily like the dog tag ones for example.

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  3. Angela Bender

    Delivery of Chewigem was fast. My son hasn’t started using just yet. I suspect it will work fine.

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  4. Merleen Reppert

    This product is very nice and you can put them on almost anything.

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  5. tish skibinski

    My son LOVES this necklace. Our only problem was he chewed on the plastic break-away safety clasp and now it no longer latches together.

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