Cheap Talk 4 With Inline w/ Overlay


Cheap Talk 4 With Inline w/ Overlay

Estimated delivery between Nov 21 and Nov 25

Description proudly introduces the Cheap Talk 4 Inline w/ Overlay!

Cheap Talk 4 With Overlay Option is a lightweight, portable, user-friendly and economical communicator which allows the user to speak phrases that you pre-record. Use Cheap Talk to provide communication and cognitive support, enhance and develop expressive and receptive language skills. It is also appropriate for early speech development and remedial work with older individuals. Each square has easy-to-push buttons and overlay options have an easy-to-remove plastic protective cover to hold words and/or pictures. Sound is activated by touching a square. Messages can be up to 5 seconds long and can be recorded and re-recorded as often as you wish. Each communicator requires four AA batteries (included).


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