Blue Gripables Utensils


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Blue Gripables Utensils

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Description proudly introduces the Blue Gripables Utensils!

Includes a fork, knife and spoon with an easy-to-use grip and notched, plastic handle.

2 reviews for Blue Gripables Utensils

  1. Audrey L Gabel (verified owner)

    Love these!! The children are able to use them so well and they love the colors. I bought the blue and the pink for them. We have twins, boy and girl.

  2. sl (verified owner)

    The size of the spoon and fork seem comparable to regular utensils, and not for very young babies. There wasn’t any age suggested, so I was hoping to use them for children age 12 months. They are quite expensive, so I hope they will be worth waiting for when the children are older.

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