AirLIKE Triangle Swing


AirLIKE Triangle Swing

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Total Versa-Tool! What innovation! Finally, a strong, lightweight, safe, affordable, tool that becomes the workhorse for your clinic or school. Multi-purpose. No more ‘ouches’ with kids with sensory or coordination issues. No metal valves or pieces that pinch little fingers. Comfortable for children to straddle. Therapists adore lifting equipment with one hand. You will adore this swing and want to purchase multiples! Inflatable with surface washable material.

Weight limit 175lbs.
Measures 52″ (132cm) with inner diameter of 32″ (81cm).

Many uses with vertical suspension:
• On single point for rotational input
• On two point suspension, for linear input
• For climbing purposes and flexion and motor planning work
• With multiple Triangle Swings™ suspended, motor planning through suspended tunnel
• Suspend two swings from multiple points and play bumper horse when therapist and child each straddle swing
• Place belly on the swing and work on flexion patterns

Many uses suspended horizontally:
• On a single point, for rotation with one or more children
• Add a large therapy ball in the center for more proprioceptive and motor planning opportunities


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